ChickBot Arduino comes pre-programmed – this is what it does out the box

The base kit uses the stepper motors because it gives more possibilities for activities. It also is far less likely to zoom off the edge of table with consequent damage!


This is a overhead version of the drive past from the info page video

We just couldn’t resist the Close Encounters blast from the past.


ChickBot Pi – running a Python version of the starter code

It only took a couple of hours to move the code from the Arduino C style code to Python on the Pi. The fun was getting it to shutdown cleanly when there is a long press on the pushbutton.


ChickBot Arduino Stepper doing some line following.

The stepper motors aren’t the best example of line following as they are a bit slow. The code requires some interleaving between stepping &┬áchecking. You’ll see that it’s been programmed to randomly turn round and go the other way – just to keep it from getting bored!