Background progress April-May 2016

microbit-passive-infra-red-sensorWe are beavering away in the background on so many fronts we don’t know which way we are spinning some days!
As well as a whole pile of technical work and documentation for the BBC micro:bit, we are gearing up for the release of the Raspberry Pi ChickBot kit.

Our intern programmer is doing his exams but will be back, possibly full-time, in a months time for the summer to crank out a whole pile of materials – we’ve got lots of projects we’ve tried out but it takes hours, sometimes days, to turn them in to a complete, tested package. We’ve got some more sensors and output devices in the pipeline too. We’ve pictured the passive infra-red sensor that will detect if someone walks past it!

So, patience will be rewarded when all these mini-projects come to fruition

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