Stepper & Motor Bot eBay buy list October 2015

This is the buy list as at 23rd October 2015. It requires some soldering, cutting and drilling, needs batteries and some small nuts & bolts. It is not a list for novice construction. At present we are on prototypes Mk2 with at least one more round of prototyping before we get to a test release. I’ll post pictures as soon as I can so you can see how they are assembled and instructions should appear once we have a final version 1.

Item Comment Qty Pack price eBay UK
Arduino Nano The brain of the StepperBot – will need some soldering 1 £1.68 eBay UK
Stepper Motor & driver board The stepper motor & interface board 2 £1.19 eBay UK
Connectors Connection wires 1 £0.99 eBay UK
Breadboard Circuit mount board for the Nano 1 £2.58 eBay UK
Motor mount Mounting for the stepper motors 1 £4.50 eBay UK
Base plate A4 sheet of plastic for mounting everything 1 £2.45 eBay UK
Battery box Battery pack – batteries not included! 2 £1.88 eBay UK
Tyres The wheels – will need centre hole widening 1 £0.99 eBay UK
Caster Back caster – will be replaced soon with a lower cost alternative 1 £3.77 eBay UK
TCRT5000 sensor Line follower / collision detectors – needs two resistors & three wires soldering on 1 £0.99 eBay UK
Arduino Uno The brain of the MotorBot – to be replaced soon with the Nano 1 £2.36 eBay UK
Motor shield Motor driver board that plugs in to the Uno 1 £1.67 eBay UK
Motor & gearbox The motor & gearbox 2 £1.08 eBay UK

Derby Mini Maker Faire launch

The ChickBot’s were first shown yesterday (Sat, 24th Oct 2015) in Derby at The Silk Museum – a hive of activity with all sorts of Makers showing off their creations. Many positive comments from visitors and fellow makers were received and we are now planning the next revision of the prototypes. We still need to figure out a timeline for the availability of novice level kits, but you can see the latest buy list by clicking here.

Here you can see the two Mk2 prototypes in action!