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It's early days for the ChickBot Club so please bear with us whilst we upload all the materials we have to share with you.

A fully functional low-cost robot

chickbot-logoThis is ChickBot, a low-cost, simple, robust, fully programmable, expandable, open source robot kit that best of all, goes cheep!

Kits are available for the Raspberry Pi, Arduino or BBC micro:bit with activities for all ages.

ChickBot is more than just a robot, but a maker platform with numerous sensors, input & output add-ons for off-screen computing projects.

Schools, clubs & maker groups can buy in parts and build ChickBots for just £10 / €13 / $14.



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Everything you need to know about ChickBot & the club

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Instructions for hardware, software & programming your ChickBot

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Materials for club leaders & teachers with activities at all levels

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Latest Posts

DIY ChickBot parts from eBay – June 2016

Here’s the latest list as of Friday, 17th June 2016, so you can source your own ChickBot parts and go independent – which is absolutely fine, we encourage it. We know this combination of parts will work as it’s the same list as the first ChickBot prototype. Item Comment Qty Pack price eBay UK Arduino Nano […]

ChickBot micro:bit coming soon

We’ve got some big orders out the door for the day job and had some time to work on the next phase of projects. Most importantly, we’ve got the ChickBot micro:bit alpha PCB’s back and the first one built & programmed. It allows the control of two motors forward & back, access to P0 and […]

ChickBot LED strip

There’s more to ChickBot than driving around doing ‘stuff’ – unwire those stepper motors, plug in the LED strip and you can start counting in binary. And once that’s got old (about 30 seconds), you can make it do Knight Rider swooshing (see video). Or use it for a number of games, like stopping the […]

Background progress April-May 2016

We are beavering away in the background on so many fronts we don’t know which way we are spinning some days! As well as a whole pile of technical work and documentation for the BBC micro:bit, we are gearing up for the release of the Raspberry Pi ChickBot kit. Our intern programmer is doing his […]