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It's early days for the ChickBot Club so please bear with us whilst we upload all the materials we have to share with you.

A fully functional low-cost robot

chickbot-logoThis is ChickBot, a low-cost, simple, robust, fully programmable, expandable, open source robot kit that best of all, goes cheep!

Kits are available for the Raspberry Pi, Arduino or BBC micro:bit with activities for all ages.

ChickBot is more than just a robot, but a maker platform with numerous sensors, input & output add-ons for off-screen computing projects.

Schools, clubs & maker groups can buy in parts and build ChickBots for just £10 / €13 / $14.



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Instructions for hardware, software & programming your ChickBot

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Materials for club leaders & teachers with activities at all levels

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Latest Posts

Arduino Stepper Line Follower

Now we have perfected a mounting technique that works for both stepper and yellow motor bot’s, we can release the first line follower to our testers to try out. See the details in The Vault here.

Creating kits

Part of the challenges of bring multiple parts together is making it easy for all the parts to be put in to one package and minimising the chances of anything getting missed out. Because, long-term, we are expecting there to be many different schools and individuals providing ChickBot kits, we need to find a solution that […]

Kill Switch String

We’ve found some stiff nylon cord that makes for a great addition for the kit. It will help prevent jumper loss (the tiny on-off clip that we use). And because it will stand up on its own, will stick up above the your ChickBot, allowing you to grab it to pull the jumper off and […]

Christmas 2015 beta test

Seasons greetings to one and all. Just before the holidays started the first batch of PCB’s arrived so we’ve sent out a few ChickBots to friends and families to join in the fun we are having here. We are well on the road to being able to make ChickBots at our target price. Single kits will […]