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It's early days for the ChickBot Club so please bear with us whilst we upload all the materials we have to share with you.

A fully functional low-cost robot

chickbot-logoThis is ChickBot, a low-cost, simple, robust, fully programmable, expandable, open source robot kit that best of all, goes cheep!

Kits are available for the Raspberry Pi, Arduino or BBC micro:bit with activities for all ages.

ChickBot is more than just a robot, but a maker platform with numerous sensors, input & output add-ons for off-screen computing projects.

Schools, clubs & maker groups can buy in parts and build ChickBots for just £10 / €13 / $14.



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Instructions for hardware, software & programming your ChickBot

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Materials for club leaders & teachers with activities at all levels

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Latest Posts

Raspberry Pi Zero

We are hugely excited about the launch of the Raspberry Pi Zero – the small low cost version that was almost made just for ChickBot! Because our target for ChickBot was £10/$15 in bulk, we have been concentrating on the Arduino Nano as the first controller. With the RPi Zero, whilst we won’t be able […]

First pass at a kit and a beta build

Here’s what the kit looks like: Resulting in:   These pictures have the infrared proximity sensors in them – used for line following and avoiding obstacles. The sensors aren’t included in the base kit – they take too long to solder so they cost a little too much to include pre-built – but the parts […]

Chassis template

After a bit of a tidy up in the workshop, we have a chassis template that supports all three motor types: I’ll write up the plans later, but for now, red dots are the stepper mounts, the yellow dot plus the red dot to the right is for the motor & gearbox and the green […]

Controller board v1 PCBs are here

Here’s what goes on the board: And here’s what a finished one looks like: These PCB’s are overnighters so don’t have a full solder resist and silkscreen – but allow us to build a few boards to make sure we are heading in the right direction! At £7 a pop, these are pretty precious items!