Raspberry Pi Zero

We are hugely excited about the launch of the Raspberry Pi Zero – the small low cost version that was almost made just for ChickBot!

Pi Zero

Because our target for ChickBot was £10/$15 in bulk, we have been concentrating on the Arduino Nano as the first controller.

With the RPi Zero, whilst we won’t be able to hit the £10/$15 mark as a base kit, we consider a controller that can ‘just add networking’ and has HDMI output has huge potential for ChickBot owners and the extra couple of ££/$$’s is well worth it. So we’ll be putting our Raspberry Pi efforts in to creating a controller PCB for the RPi Zero. The first iteration is unlikely to include a USB hub on board, but we can facilitate the use of a WiFi dongle so that you can program your ChickBot from another computer or send it commands remotely.

Here’s a side by side comparison of a Pi Zero and an Arduino Nano.

Pi Zero v Arduino Nano

As you can see, we aren’t going to have any problems using a similar sized chassis for the Pi Zero!

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