Say hello to ChickBot micro:bit

ChickBot micro.bitWhilst right in the middle of final preparations for the IET Robot Triathlon this Saturday, 12th March, our ever cheerful postman drops off a small parcel containing a BBC micro:bit for me to try out.

So after a couple of hours with the soldering iron I’ve got it connected up to a slightly altered controller board and program it to drive some motors.

After a few minutes of wiring in some line follower sensors, I’ve got the ChickBot micro:bit happily tracing a line round my old Lego line following track.

The BBC micro:bit is a cool bit of tech that hopefully will ignite some inspiration in to Year 7’s when they get their free one soon. Once they’ve got to grips with the basics, we’ll be here to provide a low cost platform for robotics, sensors and outputs.

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