Stepper & Motor Bot eBay buy list October 2015

This is the buy list as at 23rd October 2015. It requires some soldering, cutting and drilling, needs batteries and some small nuts & bolts. It is not a list for novice construction. At present we are on prototypes Mk2 with at least one more round of prototyping before we get to a test release. I’ll post pictures as soon as I can so you can see how they are assembled and instructions should appear once we have a final version 1.

Item Comment Qty Pack price eBay UK
Arduino Nano The brain of the StepperBot – will need some soldering 1 £1.68 eBay UK
Stepper Motor & driver board The stepper motor & interface board 2 £1.19 eBay UK
Connectors Connection wires 1 £0.99 eBay UK
Breadboard Circuit mount board for the Nano 1 £2.58 eBay UK
Motor mount Mounting for the stepper motors 1 £4.50 eBay UK
Base plate A4 sheet of plastic for mounting everything 1 £2.45 eBay UK
Battery box Battery pack – batteries not included! 2 £1.88 eBay UK
Tyres The wheels – will need centre hole widening 1 £0.99 eBay UK
Caster Back caster – will be replaced soon with a lower cost alternative 1 £3.77 eBay UK
TCRT5000 sensor Line follower / collision detectors – needs two resistors & three wires soldering on 1 £0.99 eBay UK
Arduino Uno The brain of the MotorBot – to be replaced soon with the Nano 1 £2.36 eBay UK
Motor shield Motor driver board that plugs in to the Uno 1 £1.67 eBay UK
Motor & gearbox The motor & gearbox 2 £1.08 eBay UK
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